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Curtain Creations & Interiors provides clients with a comprehensive collection of elegant wallpaper and luxurious paints, supplied by some of the world’s finest manufacturers.
Our wallpaper collection is inspired by contemporary original designs which fuse classic style with contemporary sensibilities. Our wallpaper and wall coverings add a flourish and ambience to everything from family homes to Boutique Hotels.
Our Sanderson and Zoffany paint collection uses only quality pigments, which ensure a rich, deep and lasting colour.

We supply luxurious Sanderson paints. Infused with high-grade pigments, Sanderson paints, ensure a quality of colour, unparalleled coverage and an easy and smooth application.

From our showroom, we provide a full spectrum of colours and shades. This comprehensive colour range can be combined with different paint finishes including:

  • Matte Emulsion

  • Active Emulsion

  • Water Based Eggshell

  • Oil Based Egg Shell

For more information on our range of wallpaper, wall coverings and paints, call into our showroom or get in contact with us today.
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Wallpaper/Wall Coverings

We supply wallpaper and wall coverings from a range of carefully selected suppliers; that share of commitment to quality.

The wallpaper and wall coverings we supply include collections from:

To discuss our elegant range of wallpapering and wall coverings, get in contact with Curtain Creations & Interiors today.
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To discuss our wallpaper and paint collections, call into our showroom or get in contact with Curtain Creations & Interiors today.

New Sanderson Collection Launch

Discover the new colours from Sanderson Paint and Wallpaper.

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  • What is the difference between matte emulsion and active emulsion paint?

    Typically emulsion paint is chosen for walls and ceilings. Active emulsion is water-based paint that doesn’t have a strong paint smell. When applied, it dries relatively quickly. Active emulsion paint leaves a shiny, clean finish.

    Matt emulsion leaves a non-shiny, velvety finish that helps hide small imperfections in walls or ceilings.


  • What’s the difference between water-based eggshell paint and oil-based eggshell paint?

    Eggshell is a popular choice with interior designer’s thanks to its beautiful finish and smooth to the touch texture. As a rule of thumb, water-based eggshell leaves more obvious brushstrokes on a surface. This is particularly true when applying water-based paint to wooden surfaces. Oil-based eggshell paint leaves a smoother finish, so this should be considered before choosing between water-based or oil-based eggshell paint.